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  1. What if you knew exactly what your prospects and customers are feeling?
  2. What if you could personally teach every member of your sales force how to be more emotionally intelligent and persuasive?
  3. What if every member of your team could read the emotional and conversational cues of the client like a book?
  4. What if you could provide real-time, personalized feedback and coaching for every one of your sales reps?

Our Product

Receive real-time emotional analysis.

Take the guesswork out of reading conversational cues. Our emotion recognition machine learning models identify the emotional state of your customers from the way they write, their tone of voice, and their facial expressions.

Get personalized feedback.

Our AI identifies your emotional strengths and weaknesses to help you become a flexible communicator who can effectively navigate conversations with any type of customer.

Empower your team to communicate effectively.

Our AI learns from every conversation and every person on your team. Our technology demystifies what top salespeople do in conversations that set them apart, and then teaches that to the rest of your team.

Identify key turning points in conversations.

No more speculating on why the client had a change of heart. Our AI identifies crucial pivot points in conversations and tells you exactly what you did right or wrong.

Improve communications training.

Dashboards for your team track their progress. Effective, emotionally intelligent communication used to be vague and hardly quantifiable—but ChipBrain allows your team to measure and improve these soft skills.

Easily view customer insights.

We automatically compile insights on customer satisfaction and emotional analysis from every conversation conducted by your sales team—so that you always know how your customers are feeling.

Our Team

ChipBrain is led by MIT and Harvard graduates, highly experienced in artificial intelligence and software engineering.

  • Lisa Vo
    Lisa Vo
    Founder & CEO

    Lisa Vo holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Harvard University, with software engineering experience from Microsoft and Palantir Technologies. She created and led a new computer science course while at Harvard, co-founded and led engineering at Bluebonnet Data--a national tech nonprofit with over 200 technical volunteers, and brought to market a political tech startup as co-founder and CTO. Lisa is a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam.

  • Curtis Northcutt
    Curtis Northcutt
    Founder & CTO

    Curtis Northcutt was born and raised in a rural area between Lexington and Athens, Kentucky. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather worked as mailmen and his mother worked minimum-wage jobs. After graduating valedictorian of Vanderbilt's College of Engineering in 2013, Curtis attended MIT, where he created a cheating detection system used by MITx and HarvardX MicroMasters courses and was awarded the MIT Masters Thesis Award (2017). His PhD at MIT (2017-2021) focuses on AI algorithms to augment human intelligence. Curtis invented confident learning and the Python package 'cleanlab' for weak supervision and finding label errors in datasets. He has a decade of experience in AI and industry, including work with research groups at Google, Oculus, Facebook AI Research, Amazon, Microsoft Research, NASA, MIT, and Harvard, as well as prior startup experience as Chief AI Scientist with Knowledge AI.

  • Harry Rein
    Harry Rein
    Senior Engineer

    Harry Rein is a full stack software engineer who specializes in front end technologies and interaction design. He graduated with a bachelor's in Computer Science from MIT in 2015 and a master's in Computer Science with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction in 2016, also from MIT. He has architected multiple websites and mobile apps from the ground up and will help design and implement the UX for ChipBrain’s consumer facing web and mobile applications.

  • John Heyer
    John Heyer
    Senior Engineer

    John graduated from MIT with both bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science, with a strong concentration in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked on various research projects within MIT's department of Physics; his master's thesis involved using machine learning techniques to infer the characteristics of point source populations in the X-ray sky. John taught the introductory machine learning course at MIT for multiple semesters, and spent the summer of 2020 sharing his passion for AI by teaching high schoolers from around the world as an instructor for the Inspirit AI Scholars program. Additionally, he has spent a significant amount of time in industry within the Amazon Alexa AI organization.

  • Harrison Wang
    Harrison Wang
    Senior Engineer

    Harrison was born and raised in the heart of Manhattan in New York City. He attended MIT where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2017 and a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Graphics in 2019. After working as a full-stack engineer for some years, Harrison’s recent efforts have been primarily centered around the field of computational design and manufacturing, including the development of data-driven algorithms to improve the digital fabrication process.

  • Kenneth Acquah
    Kenneth Acquah
    Senior Engineer

    Ken has experience building visualization systems for large datasets at Visa, consumer mobile products at Nasdaq and Google, and causal inference analytics tools at Microsoft Research, IBM Watson, and MIT CSAIL. He graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Mathematical Economics.

  • John Fanning
    John Fanning
    Founder & Advisor

    John Fanning is the former CEO and founding chairman of napster, with over 30 years of experience leading and investing in top technology companies. He has introduced such internet innovations as client-server gameplay, voice over IP, and auto-upgrading and authentication. He has founded numerous successful ventures, including NetGames, NetMovies, and NetCapital.

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen
    Product Advisor

    Dan’s career has been focused on software technologies encompassing machine learning, mobile, and enterprise. He has led successful machine learning products as Senior Director and VP of Product at Oracle and Emotient. Emotient, acquired by Apple, commercialized technology for detecting facial emotions, applied to media testing, advertising, and other industries. He currently provides strategy and technical consulting on artificial intelligence. Earlier in his career, he worked at Openwave Systems, Procter & Gamble, Sun Microsystems, and startups. He earned a B.S. in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering at Cornell University and an MBA at Harvard.

  • KJ Hardrict
    KJ Hardrict

    Kelton Hardrict Jr. (KJ) is a graduate of MIT with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He is a co-founder of the autonomous drone delivery startup: Deuce Drone. KJ is an experienced researcher having conducted research in MIT’s Space Propulsion Lab, Human Systems Lab, and Space Systems Lab; he has also spent a summer conducting research in Stanford’s Structures and Composites Lab. In industry, KJ has completed two successful intern stints at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Corporation in the roles of Software Engineer and Systems Dynamics Engineer. During his undergraduate career, KJ has also created and grown his brand on YouTube with over 10 million views and 99,000 subscribers. KJ is currently taking a leave of absence from his pursuit of both an Aerospace Engineering Master’s Degree and PhD at Stanford University in autonomous systems.

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